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    Innovative technology, industry leading, perfect quality inspection system, quality win, build industry leading brand

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    Advanced analytical and testing equipment and production facilities, and perfect testing methods.

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    Professional service team, the first time to respond, 48 hours ahead of the plan, within 72 hours to arrive at the scene service! Feel comfortable service experience

  • Reference index of the nitrate

    [reference quality index] Appearance: white crystal...

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  • The toxicity and environmental

    It has a stimulating effect on the skin and eye res...

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  • Precautions for the packing, st

    The package is packed in plastic pail to avoid the ...

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  • The application of 2- nitro -2-

    2- nitro -2-1 is widely used in water treatment, me...

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Taizhou meewoo environmental protection & Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the China Medical City of Taizhou hi tech Zone. Relying on rich technical resources, it is engaged in the research and development of new materials such as bromine series bactericide...【了解详情】

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